Project Statistics

Wonthaggi Desalination Plant
2,000 tonnes

Page Steel Fabrications was the first fabricator chosen to fabricate the Iconic Victorian Desalination project. The reverse osmosis ( R.O ) building was the largest building on the site. The complexity R.O building's design was led by the existance of the "Living Roof". This structure was connected to the facilities roof and facilitated the planting of vegetation to help the R.O building blend into it's environment. Large Spans, crane beams, trussed columns, sound proofed roof, living roof coupled with high wind loads and a corrosive enviroment presented many challenges that had been sucessfuly overcome. The design brief required Page Steel fabrication's to accuralty nomiante all material heat certifcates, and welder qualifcations per each specifc member on the project. This was accomplished by updating Page Steel's Barcoding software to track all heat certifactes through the manufacturing process. TDJV required every load of steel to list each item with material heat number/employee name against each individual item. 8000 pages of Quality Assurance documents had been submitted by the time the project was completed.

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